Cranberries Muffins

Cranberries Muffins
  • 280 g flour
  • 60 g coconut sugar
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 cup mineral water
  • 1/2 cup Filippo Berio olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon bio baking powder

1 Everyone who likes muffins, let me see your hands in the air :) I sure love them and I also enjoy making them using healthy ingredients. Today I tried a version with cranberries, some very tasty bio forest cranberries. It's great to fill your freezer with local season fruits when they are available in large quantities on local markets or even gather them yourselves by going out in the nature. This way you'll be sure that the fruits you use have an awesome taste and they are pesticides free.
2 Making the muffins is actually quite easy. I've mixed the dried ingredients one after another, then I've added the 2 crushed bananas, mineral water and finally the olive oil from Filippo Berio. Don't be scared that your muffins will taste like olive oil because they won't.
3 I've used the high quality Filippo Berio olive oil which just entered the Romanian market. For testing purposes, I received 3 types of Filippo Berio oil: a softer one from the Gold Selection, one for sauces and pasta and the third one for baking which I actually used to make the cranberries muffins. If you want to try Filippo Berio olive oil, you can find it in Romania in the popular Mega Image retail stores. Of course, it might be available in other retail chains but for the moment this is where I actually saw it.
4 Because I've used only high quality ingredients I was able to enjoy some excellent cranberries muffins. You can give them to your kids too with no worries due to the minimum processed coconut sugar used for the muffins which is suited even for people with diabetes. That being said, everyone can enjoy these awesome muffins.

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