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My name is Élodie, I’m 31 and I was born in Portugal (the reason why I use olive oil in cooking) but grew up in the Burgundy, a region renowned for its wines and sophisticated cuisine. I now live in Normandy, by the sea, in the vicinity of the magnificent town of Etretat.

I work as a baker. It’s a job I do with a lot of passion and that I absolutely adore. It’s one of my childhood dreams that I’ve managed to achieve. I’ve always wanted to do this job.

So much so that 4 years ago I started the blog “Élo dans la farine”. A blog that I wanted to focus on bread-making 🙂 because that’s what I love. I want other people to try it as well and so dispel the bread-making myth. Anyone can do it and do it well. You just have to be patient.

I have a weekly date with my readers, on Saturdays, which is great and works really well, where I present recipes for slightly “new-look” brioches. I adore brioches from other countries (particularly those from Northern Europe and Italy) and it’s a real pleasure for me to show them off to my readers.

I also like simple home-baked patisserie. And also savoury recipes, simple fare, that I like and are within everyone’s reach.

And then I also ride a motorbike, a passion that I share with the man in my life (just like cooking): we are wanderers, we travel quite a lot all year round. It’s no coincidence that we’ve just got back from a long 8000 km trip through Southern Europe. The most beautiful experience of our lives!

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