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The “Fischis” are Karin and Dieter Fischboeck with our dog Simba and the “king” of the family our cat Jimmy. We are living in the wonderful Mostviertel in lower Austria.

What to expect?
Cooking and more!

Our meals are freshly cooked everyday by me and my wife. Therefore we got a considerable number of recipe in our collection over the years.
Cakes, pies, strudels… Karin is a specialist in baking!
Traditional fare, smoking and grilling is my special field!
But no matter what kind of food, we attach special importance to regional and fresh products with good quality.

The love for the Mediterranean sea connects both of us. This also reflects in our travel habits.
While travelling we normally choose premises which are hotspots for locals to get to know the culture and the typical cuisine of the country.
You will also read a lot of reviews about restaurants, bars, hotels and pubs on our blog – stay tuned!

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From Fischi’s Cooking and more

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From Fischi’s Cooking and more
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