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I’m Rik Mulder, a food blogger from Utrecht who started more than a year ago with the website Kookidee.nl.
On this website I share easy and quick recipes that I prepare with fresh ingredients. We don’t use any prepared kits in our kitchen, since I now know how easy it is to make things from scratch.
On my website I don’t only share easy recipes, but also other food-related information. Interesting documentaries, fun cookbooks, handy kitchen tips and fun kitchen tools are a regularly theme.
The number of visitors I get every month, shows that my website is a success. Meanwhile my website and Facebook page have more than a hundred thousand followers every month. I get a lot of nice comments on my recipes and find it very fun that my site inspires others to try it own their own.
My girlfriend and six year old son are also excited about Kookidee.nl. For over a year we have something different on the dinner table. And the intention is to maintain this for many years to come.

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