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Hi, i´m Claudia (29 years old), i live with my two cats in Germany and i got two big hobbies: cooking & eating ;-).

My blog – called „kulinarikus“ – contains recipes for breakfast, salads, ideas for warm meals – with meat, fish or veggie – everything is allowed. I also love it to bake, but i´m puristic in decoration 😉

At my workplace i also have to do a lot with food – I´m nutrionist & food coach and working since seven years at a big resort for healthiness and rehabilitation. So i got a lot of knowledge about food ingredients and their effects on our body. On my blog i try to incorporate these things.
In my opinion, the most important thing is, that cooking and eating is about taste and pleasure – it should be free of eat-dogmatism and free of counting calories. So „kulinarikus“ is a place to have fun and to try something new.

Follow Claudia at http://kulinarikus-food.blogspot.it/ as well as on Facebook for more delicious recipes from Germany!


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