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I love writing about food, exploring flavours, seeking new combinations of ingredients, studying cookbooks, sampling new dishes in restaurants and snapping good photos of food.

My constant thirst for knowledge has led me to restaurants, cooking lessons and book stores. My travels around the world have given me cookbooks, wines, local products and new experiences to take home with me.

Creativity is a constant ingredient in my life and it crops up in every form. By profession I’m a lawyer and my work has little to do with creativity, but it gives me a stable source of income and the opportunity to devote my time to my favourite activities. However, even in such an ordinary and routine environment like law, it’s still possible to find creative inspiration.

I have recently discovered a new passion: wine. I’m taking a course to become a professional sommelier and I want to be able to pair wine and food perfectly, so that they complement each another exquisitely.

Studying and growing: this is what I wish to do every day, to keep going, to discover new outlooks for myself. And, of course, to travel!

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