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Each family spins a yarn, longer with each generation.
The memories we have in common, bring together the ascendants and the descendants of the family members, representing priceless legacy of a genealogical chain, outside the common traits.
Traditions and customs link one to each other in the chain and are marking, same as the genes, the individuals of a family group.
Passions, gestures, skills – Nothing happens by chance – Everything is transmitted with mathematical precision.
Even the culinary recipes are caught in the yarn spun for generations and generations.
Some of them hold secrets that make them unique, others are enriched with appetizing details, but without altering the traditional line.

You will always find a successor who will pick up the baton.
I also had a good teacher in my mother in law who taught me to cook with plenty tenderness, without any formal lesson.
I learned from her that the main ingredient, which should be added to any food, is love.
Now it is my turn.
Being a Chef (no Michelin stars) in my kitchen, I adore to cook.
My passion for cooking enriched me, made me ambitious, and influenced my willingness to develop my photography skills.
I write with great joy, I alone take the photos for the blog and Facebook page, and write down everywhere ideas and recipes.
Within every post, I am addressing to my daughters, but I am sincerely enjoying the interest of everyone who visit my blog daily, and I wish even a very small percentage of them to experiment my recipes.

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