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Being part-Romanian and part-Italian makes it practically impossible not to adore food & cooking. Especially if you also love people and like hosting large parties for family and friends.

I must confess that my debut in the world of cooking was not very promising. Almost drove my mother crazy while she was trying to teach me the simplest recipe for a traditional Romanian vegetable “tchiorba” (a sour, light soup). But once I started my family, cooking slowly became a favourite and I began experimenting with various ingredients and cuisines.

A few years later, I discovered my Italian grandmother’s cookbooks and handwritten recipes and developed a real passion for pasta. As some of my recipes grew more and more popular, blogging became the obvious solution, allowing me to do at the same time two of the things I love most: cooking & writing. My blog also made it possible for me to meet lots of new people and to speak about my experience in public events.

As for my “secrets”, those are no secrets at all. The best quality & freshest ingredients that you can get your hands on, brought together in simple, flavourful recipes, prepared for the ones you love – this is really all you need to know about cooking!

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