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Food Escape was founded on November 2010 by Daisy Caroline & Yu Kato, who share the same passion for enjoying food and taking photos of it. Food Escape started as a food blog that basically reviews places where they visit and (basically) the food they eat.

Before they lived together as a married couple, they experienced a long distance relationship for years, so the key of the long-awaited meetings would be the great food. During those years, they went out and visited many restaurants, taking photos, and one day, they looked at those photos on the computer, and the idea to start Food Escape popped up just like that. And… the rest is the history.

Daisy, the writer of Food Escape, was born in a family who loves food (and eating, of course!) where she grew up having high appreciation towards food and anything related to it. She is not a culinary expert (yet, hoping to sharpen her knowledge so she can be one someday), but because she is always open to any kind of new experience for food, she has come to know and understand quite a lot about it. Writing has always been one of her major hobbies and passions since she was a kid, but a medical doctor by profession, she doesn’t have many chances to brush up on her writing skills. There is no regret whatsoever, but deep in her heart, the passion has never faded away. 

Kato, the photographer of Food Escape, was born to a Japanese father and Thai mother. Spending his childhood in Bangkok, he is a unique person to begin with. Coming from a multicultural background, he also spent a few years in New Zealand & Australia before moving to Indonesia, therefore he is fluent in 4 languages: Japanese, Thai, English, and Indonesian. His passion for food is not only about eating – he is also a great cook. Learning from early ages, he has experienced many F&B-related trainings in various hotels and restaurants, making his cooking skill sharpened… even better than the wife’s. He also loves photography, a passion ever since he was young, and prefers to learn by himself: watching how the professionals do it and reading the guide books. To this day he claims that he is still in the learning process, trying to take better and better photos.

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