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Hi, I am Cristina, a Romanian vegan food blogger which loves tasty and healthy food. My professional background is in Business Analysis and it’s not related in any way to food or blogging.

In fact it was only after some career highs and lows that I felt a strong need to express my creativity through other means besides charts and reports.

I am not a blogging pro, photography artist or nutrition expert but I truly believe that what goes through our stomach greatly influences our lives. So I’m constantly searching for tasty vegan foods for myself and also to share the recipes with everyone interested in heaving a healthy mind, body and spirit.

My posts on are mostly vegan video recipes but I also cover Romanian healthy food events.

I care a lot about by readers’ well being so I invest a lot of time in making sure that my recommendations are accurate and well founded.

At the moment, is only available in Romanian but I’m planning an English version for the future.

Hope you will enjoy cooking my recipes and you will think more about your health and well being.

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